Menz Fashion Catalog

Lady Tri Set
Full Bloom Lapel Flower
Clergy MBT
Chain with Cross
Tie Flower and Hanky
Hanky Lock
Tuxedo Package
Collar Bar
Baptismal Robe
Clergy Roman Shirt
Clergy Surplice
$99.00 Menz Shoes $45.00 Menz Shoes Zip on Shoes
Chelsea Boots
Clergy Rings
Clergy Collar Plastic
Sweat Suits
Petal Lapel Flower
His and Her's
Earrings and Cufflink Set
Face Mask
Kinte Face Mask Assorted Colors
Casual Sets
Casual Set 1 Casual Set 2 Casual Set 3
Casual Set 4
Flower Chain Lapel
Lapel Pin
Jesus Lapel Pin
Formal Set
Micro-Woven Tie Pocket Square Set
Polka Dot Shirts
Leather Belts Dress/Casual Belt
Bishop Shirts
Black History Celebration Products
Black History TShirt Black History Baseball Cap Kurta
Blazer with removable wind protector Designer Blazer Solid Blazer
Ski Jacket Ski Vest
Tie Chains
Cadillac Robes Clergy Tippet Clergy Chimere
Zipper Robes Cadillac Zipper Robes Solid Ladies Robe
Class A Vestment Clergy Chasuble Pastor and Bishop Towel
Clergy Jacket Clergy Cassock 33 Buttons Clergy Rochette
Clergy 4 Pc Vest Set Clergy Collar-Carrying Box Combo Clergy Collars
Clergy Rabat Clergy Robes Clergy Sash (Cincture)
Clergy Shirts Clergy Stoles Clergy Vest
Ladies Clergy Robe Ladies Clergy Shirt
Clergy Uniform Rope and Crosses
Cross Only Rope Only Rope and Cross
Cuff Links
Alphabet Cuff Links CL22 Cufflinks Jesus Cufflinks
Cufflinks Tie Bar Set Alphabet Cuff Links Gold Finish King Round Cuff Link
King Square Cuff Links Mens Fashion Cuff Links
Designer Socks
Fleece Jacket
small-3XL $25.00 and 4XL-6XL $30.00
Pocket Handkerchief 3 pc pack Round Hanky Hanky Lock
Executive Pocket Squares Handkerchief Set Printed Silk Hanky
Silk Hanky Solid Color
Hat and Glove Set
Menz Hat and Glove Set
Hat and Scarf
Menz Hat and Scarf Set
Wool Ball Cap Summer Fedora Porkpie Small Brim
Knitted Caps Baseball Caps Straw Summer Hats 22
Wool Felt Fedora Beanie Cap Cuffley Cap
Wool Hat/ Cap
Lady Preacher Suits
Lapel Flower
Lapel Flower for Matching Shirt
Lapel Rose Buds
Lapel Rose Flower In Box
Lotus Lapel Flower
Money Clips
Poinsettia Lapel Flower
Rose Lapel Flower
Ladies Scarf Mens Scarf
Cutaway Collar Shirts Cotton T Shirt Diamond Series
Convertible Shirt Shirt-Bowtie-Combo Shirt, Hanky, Lapel Flower
HD Shirts Dashikis Designer Logo T-Shirts
Solid Dashikis GS Combo Slim Fit Shirt
Solid Slimfit Shirt Knitted Mock Neck Shirt Turtle Neck L.S Shirt
Dual Use Shirts Dual Use and Cufflink Set French Cuff Shirts
Gold Series Polka Dot Shirts Shirt and Hanky
Short Sleeve Shirt Gold Series 2014
Over the calf sock Sock Set Regular sock
Specialty Crosses
CL2010 Cross
Stainless Steele Bracelets
Stainless Steele Mens Bracelet
3 Button Suits Classic 16 Suit 2PC - 2 Button Basic Suit Package
2PC - 2 Button Basic Suit Only Designer Wool Suits CL19 Suits
Slim Fit Suits Business 2 Button Suit Matching Vest and Pants Set
Checkered slim fit Pants Overcoats Clergy Suit 22'
Walking Sets Short Sets Pant Sets
Cadillac Preacher Suits Classic 15 Suits Classic Suits
Fashion Suits Modern Fit Suits Preacher Suits
Solid Color Suits
Designer Suspenders Suspender Sets Polka Dot Suspenders
Skinny Suspenders Solid Color Suspenders
Tie Bar
Tie Tacs
Menz Tie Tacs
Ascotts Father and Son Bow Tie & Hanky Bowtie Hanky Lapel Flower
Tie-Bow-Tie Lapel and Hanky Bowtie and Tie Lapel and Hanky 5 Second Tie Set
100% Silk Ties 5 Second Tie with Design Religious Ties
Free Style Double Sided Bow-Tie Piping MBT with Round Hanky High Definition Tie with Round Hanky
Fat Knot Ties Tear Drop Bowtie Set Matching CL19 Boxed Tie Set
Rhinestone Bowtie Boys Bowties Clergy Collars
Cravat Pocket Square Set Freestyle Bowties High Definition MWT
Man's Bowtie Man's Bowtie Velvet Micro-Woven Tie Pocket Square Set
Micro Woven Skinney Tie-Hanky Pleated Silk Ties- Hanky Pocket Squares
Polka Dot Bow Tie Rhinestone Tie Strap on Bowtie and Hanky
Travel Box Set Woven Silk Tie Pocket Square Set
Paisley Vest Set SOLID VEST
White Gloves


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